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Membership in the Maryland Arborist Association is open to companies who are engaged in the business of arboriculture, as well as companies that support the endeavors of arborists. The MAA also has membership classifications for students and those companies or organizations that wish to support the mission of the MAA. A full listing of membership categories is below.

If you are interested in applying for MAA membership, you may do so via the online membership application link found here.

Or, if you would like to mail/email in an application - download the application here

Membership Benefits:
  • Legislative representation before the Maryland General Assembly via the MAA’s partnership with the Maryland Green Industry Council (MaGIC)
  • Public relations via member relationship with media
  • Educational events and seminars – several held per year. Members received preferred pricing. Seminar topics range from safety to OSHA and MOSH compliance, to pest identification and control, practical arboriculture skills including techniques, legislative issues, etc.
  • Annual safety & pesticide recertification seminar
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Bi-monthly newsletter, Shady Notes, and periodic e-mail blasts of crucial, timely information.
  • Ability to participate in annual industry-wide volunteer arboriculture projects. (see the About Us tab to view information and photos from past Arbor Day projects)

 In addition to these benefits, the MAA serves the upcoming generation of arborists through mentoring programs and scholarship.

Membership Classifications and Fees:

  • Active – reserved for individuals, corporations, or partnerships actively engaged in the practice of arboriculture within the state of Maryland who are licensed by MD DNR and who maintain a permanent place of business in Maryland or an adjacent State, Commonwealth or District, and who shall have been in business for one year or more. Annual dues are $100.00
  • Affiliate – reserved for employees of Active Members. Annual dues are $60.00
  • Allied – reserved for individuals, corporations, or partnerships actively engaged in commercial pursuits related to or doing business with arborists. Annual dues are $70.00
  • Associate – reserved for individuals whose employment requires that they engage in practices of tree preservation, but who are not engaged primarily in the practice of arboriculture. Annual dues are $50.00
  • Student - shall be conferred upon individuals who are actively seeking a college degree in the field of arboriculture or other related professions. Annual dues are $15.00
  • Sustaining - open to individuals or organizations desiring to further the objectives of the Maryland Arborist Association by means of financial contributions. Annual dues are $120.00